Mango Natural Branding The Natural Branding technology consists in applying the technique and science developed by Laser Food for the laser marking of fresh produce. This labelling system, patented under the Laser Mark name, consists in taking off a very tiny surface of the fruit skin –without damaging in any way the fruit or vegetable- before applying a contrast liquid approved by the EU, only on products that require it.


Natural Branding, was created to highlight the environmental advantages of a technique that allows customers to eliminate the unnecessary use of paper stickers.


Unlike the Laser Mark system, other inferior, non-patented, techniques that consist in burning the skin, represent a number of problems for producers, retailers and consumers. These techniques, developed by companies that do not have any experience nor qualifications in the agrifood products sector, consist in tattooing the brand name or product information directly on the fruit skin. The resulting burnt skin does not only affect negatively the image of the laser labelling technology, but it also damages the products and provokes returns from points of sale.


The following video shows the detail of the evolution of Laser Food’s Natural Branding technology in comparison to the burnt skin produced by these.



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Our Natural Branding technology offers numerous environmental benefits such as the reduction of the CO2 emissions and the elimination of paper and plastic packaging.


Laser Food works hand in hand with a large array of agrifood specialists across Europe and supplies laser labelling systems to major companies, among which German organic products supplier Lehmann Natur, Dutch Eosta (Nature & More) , organic products supplier Biofreshi, and Italian specialist of organic kiwis Agricolli Bio, as well as citrus suppliers in Spain.


The Laser Mark project received the award to the Best European Environmental Project in 2013, a Valencian award that recognizes successful initiatives at the European level.


Natural Branding





Natural Branding